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The Case for A Power Practice.

The past week has been one of exploration for me on the mat as I tried different studios, classes, teachers and cities. I returned to my “yoga roots” in Charlotte NC and was reminded of the strength of the practice there. And as is often the case when I am able to find time for a daily practice...I was reminded of my strength too. Perhaps more importantly, I was reminded of why I need to find strength in my yoga practice. Why soft & gentle doesn’t feed me the way it feeds others.

It's no secret that at {sacred} thread, we believe yoga is more than exercise. For us, it's not about how our jeans fit (though there is nothing wrong with a rocking' bod!) or pushing ourselves, it is about CALLING FORWARD a strength that already exists. Polishing that. Tapping into that over and over and over again...until every decision we make comes from that strong, grounded and CLEAR space.

Power Yoga activates our Fire. And fire is necessary for transformation. Make no mistake, so is clarity. This is why we offer a multitude of "energy-based practices" like restorative, yin, mantra, meditation and our signature {sacred} Flow classes..all built around honoring the energy body. But with ALL awareness of energy and none on strength - we will spin wheels eventually too. When I moved to Atlanta, I felt, in many ways - like I gave up the strength of my practice. Vinyasa Yoga here felt softer, indulgent, and (sometimes overwhelmingly) deep. And that created a huge shift for me on the mat and off. Truthfully, without experiencing this difference in yoga I wouldn’t have found the courage or the skill set to leave corporate America and stand on my own.

At the same time, though, I miss the power of yoga. Sometimes there is a depth to yoga that feels over-analytical. And right now, I believe we are in a space where we need not to think, but instead to do. To act. We are being called to action as a society in a way that requires strength AND clarity.

After trying classes in Atlanta, outside of Atlanta and back home in Charlotte I am desperately craving a practice that gives me both.

One that will not injure me (I got injured at a studio in a power class a few days ago & it’s awakened my intuition - never let a teacher pressure you into moving in a way that you know intuitively isn't right!), one that will not leave me devoid of the true essence of yoga - one that feeds my power AND my soul.

Teaching yoga is such an honor. I can’t wait to be back in my studios this week & to try to create this type of experience where we balance our physical & energetic bodies. Where neither is comprised and both are polished until they shine. Bright Like a Diamond.

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