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Annelise has always believed the best teachers are not just eternal students but are also experts are sharing what they experience in their own practice. When she got pregnant at 40, she knew it was an opportunity for me to expand how and what I taught.

Her specialty is teaching experienced yogis who get pregnant and helping them maintain the practice they love while honoring the shift & the journey of motherhood.



Annelise stopped teaching corporate yoga in favor of corporate yoga nidra. She currently works with high-performing companies in Atlanta on a monthly basis to provide the science of yoga nidra to employees.

Schedule a Corporate Nidra session or check out her online nidras available to rent



Via {sacred} thread, Annelise leads two annual small-group style teacher trainings; a summer immersion in Cuba and a fall 6-month course in Atlanta.


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Travel + Yoga = the stuff dreams are made of...

Annelise leads quarterly retreats to exotic and regional locations.  She hand-crafts and curates the experience to balance yoga + adventure + rest.  She's been to Cuba, Costa Rica, and Mexico City and has upcoming retreats in Greece and Nicaragua.  She is available to guide your group on private retreats upon request & has an expertise in travel to Cuba, specifically.  

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Beyond yoga, Annelise enjoys sharing her LIFE experiences with businesswomen, entrepreneurs, community activists and underserved youth.  The product of a single-parent household, Annelise attended schools with over 80% of the population received free or reduced lunch.  She lived just above poverty the majority of her entire childhood and has seen first hand the effects of discrimination, sexualization, and poverty.  She is passionate about sharing her story as a survivor and a thriver.

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