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The signature of what we put together is simple... it's an idea that a retreat is about exploration.  Both of "self" and the land you visit.  During our retreats there is ample yoga; yoga designed to tap into your soul.  But, there is also a huge element of fun.  Whether it's dancing, grabbing a late night drink, hitting the open waters of the ocean - we'll explore in a big way.  What makes these experiences sacred is the fact that we all lose time and find ourselves.  Together.  


Each retreat has been full of an eclectic mix of yogis - ages, experience levels, personalities, backgrounds… the  diversity and this allows an incredible amount of connection because there is always someone to grab a drink with, read a book in a lounge chair next to, or step out of your comfort zone with (there have been an incredible amount of first-time surfers hitting the waves our on retreats!).  But at the same time there is no pressure - craving a night of solitude…do it.  


You don’t have to worry; the {sacred} moments will find you on retreat. You don’t have to look for them. We purposely travel to places that are vibrant and rich with art, culture, music, or history.  You’ll get your two daily classes most days (and one on others) but the beauty of travel is immersing in another culture. 


And so… the {sacred} stuff… it.  just.  happens.  


When you come home you will feel rested and ripe with inspiration. And, that is {sacred} to us!




Need a Get-Away this Memorial Day?  There is one room left for our Cartagena adventure in Colombia. From the food scene to the art scene - we'll soak up culture in this old City.  Your vacation includes twice daily yoga, a private boat excursion to Rosario Islands & the company of one of our more adventurous group of yogis.  Enjoy a half-spa day in our villa & tours of this beautiful (& highly trendy) destination.  The last space is in a shared room, so grab it before it's gone!

$2400 - $2750


Oh. Cuba.  


After five trips to Cuba, we will return once more in December 2018 for another week of unbelievable magic. - Cubano Style.  This trip is a favorite and simultaneously stokes my ability to love and breaks my heart (wide open) every single year.  Not to make you think this trip is sad (by any means) but that’s just the complexity and depth of Cuba.   


Our retreat is one of a kind because of the amount of immersion into Cuban culture and the ability to make life-long friendships with the locals.  Mhai Yoga, our retreat center on the beach outside of Havana, has built an unbelievable network of local craftspeople, dancers, storytellers, guides, and wellness experts that we interact with each year.  It will give you a beautiful glimpse into the Cuban spirit and what makes this country so special.  


If you love… Music.  Food.  Art.  Dance.  Beautiful Beaches.  Rooftop Sunsets.  Skies Full Of Stars.  An occasional (or nightly) late night on the town.  This trip is for you.  


But Don’t take my word for it… read what prior retreat goers have had to say.  <3

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