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Prenatal & Postpartum Resources

Monthly Mama's Circle

Each month we will come together to support each other in cultivating trust. This circle isn't about judgement or passing on advice (unless you ask for it) - it's about cultivating trust in a time that is ripe with of our changing bodies, trust of our intuition, trust of our support system and trust that the sacred bond between mother and child will be enough.


I'm Annelise, a passionate yoga studio owner who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. While I'm abundantly grateful for the time I have with my daughter, I've also experienced the barren loneliness of being without my family & friends, and have been paralyzed by the fears new motherhood brings.


My goal is to create a virtual space where we can voice our fears, empower our trust and build a community of supportive yogis in the prenatal and recently postpartum season of life.

We'd love to have you at our next meeting!

The Healer Squad

How to build a circle of wholeness, even in the time of COVID

Pregnancy takes its toll on not only your body but also your mental and emotional health but having the right squad around you makes all the difference.

During my pregnancy, I started to build connections with practitioners and pregnancy specialists that helped ground me and keep my own sanity in check. I’ve since dubbed this team my “healer squad” and they have each played a special role in the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

I’ve put together this free guide to building your own healer squad with tips, personal insights, average costs, and what to expect so you too can build your very own healer squad.

Preserve Your Practice
Yoga Nidra

Your trimester by trimester mini-guide to maintaining & adapting yoga during your pregnancy. 

Preserve your Practice is for all expecting mamas who understand the importance of maintaining and optimizing their yoga practice for this season of their life.  It's especially designed for someone who has leaned on their yoga practice during the twists and turns of life and needs a little support in modifying a home practice or in regular studio classes. 

Stay tuned for more amazing resources! 

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