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Online Classes

whether you're just beginning yoga or looking to deepen your practice, I have classes and courses crafted for you.  Monthly "pay what you can" options keep things affordable because it's often when we can't afford yoga that we need it most.  

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Craving Connection?

My Moon Circles are held virtually, outdoors and in socially-responsible formats all year long. 

Combining Ritual with New Beginnings,

each month we created a sacred circle for a

highly-curated practice

and foster community & connection.

Read More About April's Moon Circle on Sunday, April 11 at 7:30P

or sign up NOW!

Pay what You can Virtual Classes

Yoga has made such a big impact to my life that I love making this practice accessible to all but when you practice in-person classes are often $20 or more setting up an accessibility issue. 

"Pay what you can" is a way of making yoga available and assigning VALUE to yoga the way we often do to a dinner out, a movie, a manicure.  Any donation is accepted... $1 to $20. 

Simply venmo me at annelise-lonidier or make a single donation here...

January Community Practice

From wrist-free "flow" to handstanding...this 40-minute practice works both the "soft" and "steady" aspects of yoga.  We'll tend to our hands, wrists, shoulders, neck then move through a standing "flow" that prepares us for handstands.  If you have wrist injuries this practice might be great for you - it's light on the wrist despite our handstand option.  If you wanna invert or get back into your's a nice way of working toward inversions without wearing yourself down. This balance of "steady" and "soft" is not just needed in winter but also a key to living in our new reality of 2020/2021 <3 

Have two blocks if possible. Find music to flow here:

Pay what you can via venmo to @annelise-lonidier or make a single donation here

Yoga Nidra for the New Year

Maybe you're like know you should meditate but you just can't seem to make it happen. What if I told you there is a practice that gives you similar benefits of meditation without the need to disregard or withdraw from the thought or awareness?  That's exactly why I came to love Yoga Nidra.

And then, I worked to create a really targeted sankalpa and a few months came true.  

Learn what a "sankalpa" is and practice a 35-minute yoga nidra to set the tone of the new year.  It's free!  My treat for being such a valued part of our community. 

Pay what you can via venmo to @annelise-lonidier or make a single donation here

Yoga Nidra
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