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What happens when life turns dark?  Do we crumble or trust the process that creates the impeding dawn?  

Over the past 8 months your life has changed...whether it's job, relationship, major shifts in how you spend your time or even just the energy of change that surrounds you. You've managed to survive, to embrace change and find joy in this unexpected shift. But when it comes to imagining "where to go from here", you're struggling a bit.  

Maybe your industry has dissolved, leaving you in a void and you aren't sure exactly where to go next. Maybe you've found great realizations around what is most important in your life - you've uncovered a new purpose or passion.  You have found a calling from the chaos...and your desires are suddenly crystal clear but without clarity around exactly what is our "new normal" you aren't really sure what to do with it.  

Or perhaps you are paralyzed.  You know the past 8-months have created a shift but you have yet to wrap your arms around what it all means.  

Darkness is often associated as "bad" or inherently implies a "negative energy" and yet it's the dark, cold, barren winter that brings forward the abundance of spring. This happens every year, but...there has never been a more important year to embrace the impending darkness and use it as a tool for abundance and new life. 

This is the work of my Dreamweaver Circle.  

If you are:

  • a dedicated yogi who misses the connection of community

  • a believer of or interested in the power of manifestation

  • already a "power manifester" wanting to supercharge your results

  • looking for a ritual to start your New Year

  • in need of the discipline + commitment of a "group" or "course"

This is for you.  I invite you to join us for this 5-Week Circle designed to imagine, manifest and achieve the deepest desires and most powerful dreams of the new year. 

What's Included 

  • Five Highly-Curated Yoga Practices Delivered to You Virtually

  • Five Live Weekly Manifestation Circles with your new Dreamweaver community

  • Weekly Facebook Live Check Ins to bring forward obstacles, ideas, and networking opportunities / calls-for-help 

  • Personalized Yoga Nidras to develop & strengthen your resolve

Join Us.

20 Opportunities to uncover & empower your highly-aligned work for the new year with yoga, meditation, manifestation & the support of community. Our group is limited to 14 participants so reserve your spot now. 


Why You’ll Love it:

* In the darkness of winter, you'll find deep connection with your community of fellow "dreamweavers". Find motivation and inspiration in the accountability of weekly meetings

& a sense of connection from the comfort of home.

* Timed to coincide with the New Year, we'll begin with introspection and acknowledgement before creating a resolve that aligns to our deepest needs & dreams. With so much change in our worlds, this foundation is important and often missed but will help increase the possibility of finding happiness in our resolve.

* Based in the philosophy of yoga, you'll get tools from your vinyasa practice to highly charged yoga nidras so the mind & body are in alignment around your needs, dreams and goals.

* This program is personal & intimate allowing you to have a voice in each circle.

We will call upon the power of group manifestation around everyone's goals

and encourage opportunities to network.

If you identify your resolve & start down the path of manifestation but meet obstacles...bring it to the group for help. 


* This ain't your mama's networking event...but it might be her mama's system of "it takes a village".

We'll be building deep community and pulling out all the stops

in lifting each other up in, let's be honest, one of the darkest times we've experienced.

And that is something to love!

How it works:

Once you register you'll receive an invite to our private #sacredcommunity facebook group. Join there and be sure to tune in as we grow closer to the New Year. This will be home base for weekly check-ins

and any networking / help opportunities that arise.

Our first Live Manifestation Circle begins on Sunday December 27th.

Weekly circles are Sunday evenings at 6PM.

We will begin with a week of introspection.

Our yoga practice will focus on root chakra activation (grounding and manifestation)

and we will move through an exercise for uncovering authentic needs and voids in life.

Each week on Sunday we gather in "circle" & every Monday you'll receive a curated yoga practice

aligned to the energy of our work. 

Live Facebook check-ins & a weekly Yoga Nidra are scheduled on Wednesdays give you an equal dose of "space" and "consistency" 

Our Yoga Practices & Yoga Nidras are pre-recorded and available to take whenever you have time. 

Weekly circles (zoom) and check-ins (facebook) are live 

If you miss our weekly circle I will summarize our work that week on Facebook but in the essence of "privacy" we will not make recordings of circles. I encourage participants to share from the heart and so much of manifestation is creating energy together in real time. 

Space is limited & Our Circles being December 27th, so grab your space now!

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