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Annelise Lonidier is the owner of Atlanta-based {sacred} thread yoga and one of the original co-founders of the innovative Sacred Chill {west}, a studio dedicated to the art of stillness.  Known for her passion, authenticity and self-made approach to life, Annelise was the first in her family to attend college, buy a house and open a business - she believes firmly in living life on your own terms.  

Annelise found yoga in college as she battled to overcome self-doubt, depression and symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome. She fell in love with the rigor of the practice but leaned most heavily on yoga during bouts of depression. While working in corporate America she completed a training program and taught weekly classes as a way of staying connected to the core teachings of yoga.  


With 14 years experience in the medical device field, Annelise spent a decade watching surgeries, consulting with world-renowned doctors and pitching new products to the executive board of the companies she worked for. Ultimately, she felt she would make a bigger impact to the health of our country at the grass-roots level.  She left corporate America in 2015 to expand {sacred} thread, opening three studios across Atlanta in her first two years as an entrepreneur.


Annelise has been teaching yoga for over 15 years.  She’s worked with professional athletes, retirees, and after school programs.  She believes yoga is for everyone and has a calling to bring yoga into neighborhoods that would not attract corporate chains.  Being raised in a “fitness desert” she knows first hand the effect of economics on our health.  


Off the mat Annelise is an avid football fan, beer-connessuer, and advocate for equality.  She loves music, dancing, fashion, and faith-walking after long conversations with God. Annelise lives in East Atlanta with her three dogs and enjoys traveling, sharing her story to underserved youth, and moving on her yoga mat.



{sacred} thread is a home for creative power yoga, or what we call soul cleansing, body-nourishing creative vinyasa.  Classes range from beginner to advanced, come with heat or without, and include softer modalities of yoga like yin, restorative, meditation and yoga nidra.  Each serves as a tool to build strength, increase flexibility & range of motion, rehabilitate from the effects of stress and increase stamina, focus, and self-worth.  Many also help with sleep, nourishment, and rejuvenation of the body/brain.


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